Give Free Rice

I’m guessing that most of you are aware, or at least have heard, of the Free Rice website — but it’s certainly worth mentioning here as an easy way to do good that doesn’t cost you a dime. Basically, you are given a vocabulary word and four possible meanings to choose from. If you click on the correct meaning, 20 grains of rice are donated to the United Nations World Food Program. You can play as many times as you want and the more answers you get correct, the more difficult the vocabulary questions become.

The site has become so popular that it has actually expanded beyond vocabulary and now there are numerous quizzes you can take to give free rice. These include Famous Paintings, Chemical Symbols, English Grammar, English Vocabulary, Identifying Countries on the Map, World Capitals, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Basic Math (Pre-Algebra) and Multiplication Table. There should be something that can grab your interest while you help feed those less fortunate than yourself.

The site gives away over 100 million grains of rice most days and has given away over 56 billion grains since the site was started. It is a great way to waste 15 minutes or whenever you have a bit of free time.

When you have a chance, go to Free Rice and see how many vocabulary words you can get correctly in a row. I just managed 56 which donated over 1000 grains of rice (it doesn’t matter if it’s only one — that’s 20 free grains of rice that will go to feed someone). When your finished, come back here and leave a comment on how many in a row you were able to do, the concept about free rice or anything else about helping stop hunger. Each comment will add 10 cents to fund a microloan.

If you enjoyed this post or the blog in general, please take the time to tell others that may also enjoy it – it’s most appreciated and the more people comment and enjoy doing good, the faster we can fund these microloans.