Third Free Microloan Funded!

I’m going to have to add a new section to the “total raised” sidebar to account for free money. The free $25 Kiva gift certificate came through and I have already redeemed it and given out a loan (I really hope that now we have confirmed it’s still active, you tell all your friend and family about it — there isn’t an easier way to earn $25 in 5 minutes and you help out a great cause at the same time!) This loan went to Maritza who is a potato farmer in Peru:

Free Microloan #3

It’s wonderful to have been able to fund another microloan and I hope there will be many more in the near future. You can follow all the microloans that we give out at the FreeMicroloan Kiva Page.

If you signed up and haven’t checked to see if you received your free gift certificate, be sure to do so now and if you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

If you enjoyed this post, be sure to sign up for free updates for this blog and add an extra 25 cents to fund loans as well.

27 thoughts on “Third Free Microloan Funded!”

  1. As I said, a shame it is US only…
    I’ll probably ask for Kiva gifts for my birthday though 😀

  2. I’m sad I didn’t see this sooner! I’ll be sending it on to my friends and probably putting it up on my own blog. (For the five people that read it but you know.)

  3. Have you ever thought of forming a team on Kiva? It might be fun for all of us to meet up over there as well.

  4. Congrats on how well the blog is doing! You’d have been able to fund every person requesting a microloan on the whole Kiva site!!! lol 😉 Great job on what you’re doing here, I’m so appreciative of you helping to open my eyes on what I can do to help others!

  5. got my certificate too and just finished making out the loan. I hope that it helps the business I picked. Thanks again for posting about that offer on think.

  6. I tried to sign up but the field that said ‘zip/postal code’ would only accept 5 digits and the PC in Canada is 6 digits.
    any suggestions ?

  7. I tried to sign up but the field that said ‘zip/postal code’ would only accept 5 digits and the PC in Canada is 6 digits.
    any suggestions ? possibly someone with a membership could send them a comment/question/
    thanx, jan

  8. Thanks for the information about Kiva! it’s a wonderful idea and concept. shame the gift certificate is only for americans. but i hope to give a loan to someone very soon. i’m a student, so not earning at the moment. but i would still like to help.

  9. ps this, leaving a comment and being able to contribute 10 cents is AWESOME idea 🙂 me being a student and not earning any money, i feel good that i can help in a small way. keep up the good work!! fantastic idea of encouraging people and spreading news. very good idea. thanks to you and your friend.

  10. Great stuff. I might not be able to do the Kiva thing but I have got to level 51 on the rice vocabulary site. Whoo!

  11. I noticed that you haven’t posted for awhile. I hope everything is going well for you and yours. Take care and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    God Bless

  12. Congradulations on meeting the goals for this third microloan!

    I really like this idea… I think I might try and start one in my area (eventually… my head is so full of ideas!)

  13. Great stuff. Here’s a site a frequent. // All you have to do is play a game. Each answer you get right, 10 grains of rice is donated to the United Nations World Food Program.

  14. This is amazing! It’s great that we are helping this person. Just a reminder to everyone, be sure to click on every day to give food to the hungry!

  15. I noticed that the three Kiva loans have been paid back. Will the funds be re-loaned to help more people?

    Kiva now has an automated re-loaning feature if this would make it easier.

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