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For each subscriber to Free Microloan by rss feed or rss email, a 25 cent donation will be made toward a microloan (rss feed numbers are only updated once a day, so your sign-up will be counted on the next update rather than immediately). There are two ways to subscribe to Free Microloan:

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What does it mean to subscribe to a blog?

If you subscribe to a blog, you are subscribing to the content. Instead of visiting the actual blog every day to keep current, you can choose to subscribe to the blog’s feed and read the new content in a feed reader or via email.

What is that little Feedburner icon?

This icon can be clicked to subscribe to my feed. It also gives a rough estimate of how many people are currently subscribed to my feed.

If I subscribe to your feed via email, will I get an email for every single post that you write?

No. You will at most receive one email daily with everything I wrote the prior day. If I do not happen to write anything one day, you will not receive an email on that day.

Do you publish a full or partial feed?

I publish a full feed here at Free Microloan.

Don’t you lose visitors by having people subscribe to your feed?

Technically, there is a chance that people will only read my feed and not stop in to the site to comment. Therefore I could lose actual visitors. But I hope that people click through to the articles and leave a comment as each comment will help fund a new microloan.

Do you collect personal information about me when I subscribe to your feed?

If you subscribe to my feed in a feed reader, the only information I can obtain is collective information as to how many people are reading my feed in the different types of feed readers.

If you subscribe via email, I do have access to a listing of emails for everyone that has subscribed. I will not sell or use your email address for anything other than delivering my feed to you through the Feedburner program. I dislike spam as much as the next person. I also will not contact you directly for any reason. The only exception is if you reply to the daily email with your thoughts. I will usually then reply to your email.

What if I don’t want to subscribe anymore to your blog’s feed?

If you have a feed reader, all you need to do is delete the feed. If you are currently receiving email updates there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the emails.