Get Paid $25 To Do Good

Now here is something that you can scream far and wide to all your friends and they will love you for it. Not only are you helping a great cause, you end up getting paid $25 to do it for about 5 minutes work. How can you beat something like that?

If you haven’t done so already and you live in the US, you can get a free $25 Kiva gift certificate (the $25 will eventually become yours to do with as you want, so you are actually getting paid $25 to do good) to make a microloan of your own to any entrepreneur on the Kiva site.

Think MTV and Kiva have teamed up to make this special offer. You need to do the following steps to qualify:

1. Create a account (it takes less than 5 minutes)

2. Once you have created and confirmed your account, go to Kiva’s profile

3. Click the green “Support this Organization” button in the top left hand box on the page. If you scroll down, you can also learn a little more about this offer.

4. Wait. You will receive a message in your Think MTV Inbox (not your email, so don’t forget) within 1-3 business days in about a week (confirmed that this offer is still valid). The email will contain the $25 Kiva certificate and explain how to redeem it to give a loan to the entrepreneur of your choice.

5. Comment here. Let us know that you received the certificate and who you made a loan to in the comments so we can add another 10 cents to fund a microloan.

Once you make the microloan, it will be paid back over the period of time indicated on the loan (usually between 4 and 18 months). Once it has been paid back you can decide whether to keep the $25 and move it to your bank account or reloan it to another Kiva entrepreneur.

If you enjoyed this post and would like to learn about other ways you can help others without spending a lot of time or money of your own, please consider signing up for free updates which will add another 25 cents toward a microloan. Thank you to all that have told friends or family and I hope that you will continue to do so. It’s greatly appreciated.

**Special thanks to Ron who pointed out this offer in the comments**