Give Free Kibble for Dogs
Doing good isn’t limited to other people. With the current economic mess we’re in these days, one of the biggest sufferers are the pets. People that lose their jobs can’t afford to keep their pet or lose their house and have no place to keep their pet. Many of these pets end up being abandoned and find themselves in local animal shelters.

You can help feed some of these dogs by visiting the site Free Kibble where you are given a daily question. It doesn’t matter if you answer the question correctly or not, you will donate 10 pieces of kibble to a animal shelter just by trying to answer. They have already donated over 66 million pieces of kibble, but the shelters could always use more and they have sponsors that are willing to donate as much as everyone can generate.

Simply follow the link to Free Kibble and try answering the question. If you like the idea, bookmark the page so you can go back and help out on a daily basis and pass it on to your friends so more people can help out. When you’re finished, come back here and leave your thoughts on the website, the issue of pets being abandoned in hard economic times or pets in general. Each comment will add another 10 cents toward a microloan.

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