Give A Compliment

One thing that you can never give enough of is compliments to others. I’m not talking false compliments, but genuinely letting others know how you feel. Far to often we censor ourselves or simply assume that others somehow know how we feel which is often not the case (and even if it is, it’s still good to let them know how you feel on a regular basis).

For those that you may not know well, a genuine compliment can be the difference between a lousy day and one that all of a sudden looks a lot brighter than before the compliment was made. There really isn’t anything like a deep, warm, sincere compliment to make a person’s day.

If you haven’t given a lot of compliments in the past, it can take some courage to do so. I know it still does for me sometimes, but I also know that compliments for the most part are accepted with great joy and almost always brighten up a person’s day. My philosophy is to error on the side of giving out too many rather than too few.

If you get a chance today give someone a genuine compliment. It doesn’t matter if it is someone that you know well or just someone that you just happened to meet. Spend the day looking for good things in all the people you see and when you find them, let the person know. Feel free to share any compliments you make (or have made in the past) in the comments to add an extra 10 cents to the growing microloan fund.

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