Easy Ways To Make A Difference: Spin to Donate $1 to Save The Children

Here is an easy way to make a difference that will only take a couple of seconds. Frigidaire is having a Make Time For Change spin contest and they will donate $1 to Save the Children when you spin. Easy as that.

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Leave A Random Message

There are a lot of people that would like to brighten up another person’s day, but feel reluctant to actually engage with others directly. It’s possible to bring a smile to someone’s face and make their day a bit brighter by simply leaving positive messages someplace where people will see them. It could be a a note in a book you return to the library, a card left on a table for the next person that sits there or a … Continue reading

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Third Free Microloan Funded!

I’m going to have to add a new section to the “total raised” sidebar to account for free money. The free $25 Kiva gift certificate came through and I have already redeemed it and given out a loan (I really hope that now we have confirmed it’s still active, you tell all your friend and family about it — there isn’t an easier way to earn $25 in 5 minutes and you help out a great cause at the same … Continue reading

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Choose Three Causes You’ll Support

There are thousands of charities out there doing great work. Some are local while others are worldwide. No matter what your beliefs, there are plenty of charities that will compliment your views and you would do well to support. If you aren’t sure about a certain charity, you can go to Charity Navigator which evaluates charities to learn more about how the charity is run and where the money it gets ends up going. Don’t be fooled into thinking that … Continue reading

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Get Paid $25 To Do Good

Now here is something that you can scream far and wide to all your friends and they will love you for it. Not only are you helping a great cause, you end up getting paid $25 to do it for about 5 minutes work. How can you beat something like that? If you haven’t done so already and you live in the US, you can get a free $25 Kiva gift certificate (the $25 will eventually become yours to do … Continue reading

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Give A Compliment

One thing that you can never give enough of is compliments to others. I’m not talking false compliments, but genuinely letting others know how you feel. Far to often we censor ourselves or simply assume that others somehow know how we feel which is often not the case (and even if it is, it’s still good to let them know how you feel on a regular basis). For those that you may not know well, a genuine compliment can be … Continue reading

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Second Free Microloan Funded!

We passed the $50 mark today which means that we had enough money to fund the second microloan here. This one went to Edirisa Bukenya Group who runs a general store in Uganda: It’s great to see that we have been able to fund another microloan and hopefully there will be many more in the near future. You can follow all the microloans that we give out at the FreeMicroloan Kiva Page. Thank you for the support and the participation … Continue reading

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What You Can Do In Under 5 Minutes

In the last 4 minutes and 38 seconds before writing this post I was able to do the following without it costing me a cent: I offset 1 pound of carbon emissions or roughly the equivalent amount to taking hot shower. I saved 7.4 sq. ft. of American Prairie. I helped to fund the airing of a public service announcement protesting Canada’s baby seal hunt. I generated a donation to help save our oceans. I helped support 11,314.29 sq.ft of … Continue reading

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Give to Fund the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Here’s an oldie but goody that you may have forgotten about. By simply clicking on a button, you can help fund mammograms for women that aren’t able to afford them at The Breast Cancer Site. When you click on the button, a host of sponsors will appear and the 100% of the amount they paid will go toward funding the mammograms. It’s a simple click that takes less than 5 seconds so the only reason not to do it is … Continue reading

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Use Your Computer’s Idle Time To Do Good

There are probably times when you leave your computer for some reason, but believe you are going to be back quickly and decide it’s not worth the time or effort to turn it off. When you return, you probably find your screen saver running. If someone told you that you could use your computer’s idle time to do good such as cure diseases, study global warming, discover pulsars or do other types of scientific research, would you? That is exactly … Continue reading

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